Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Pressing On

Admiring the color and texture of red Hawaiian soil. Life coming forth from – It is the ground I played on in my childhood. It is the ground I kneel down on when… Continue reading

Trusting Through It All

This has been a week of doubt, struggles, recalling experiences that lifted me up and clinging to hope as I ask, “What do I have to offer to the world?”  As layers of… Continue reading

Coating Paper

Here I’m applying three coats of gofun to the paper, letting each layer dry before applying the next.  Gofun is calcium carbonate and is made by pulverizing and refining oyster shells which have… Continue reading


Brushing dosa (a sizing liquid) onto the Kumohada paper.   Watching the dosa dry creates ripples and patterns.  It reminds me of oncoming waves.   Freshly stretched Kumohada paper waiting to dry.   Kumohada… Continue reading

Beauties Waiting

This week has been one of “preparing”.  Building stretcher frames, stretching canvases, coating Kumohada paper with dosa (sizing), soaking glue.  Lots of work in preparation but also lots waiting as the paper dries… Continue reading

Unrelenting Love

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been ending my days by sitting and trying to be still on the beach which is a short walk from my home.  While observing the subtleties… Continue reading

Making Time

Spent part of the long weekend with my wife Sue and drove to the north shore of O‘ahu.  What a great time to get rejuvenated and filled up.  There’s nothing like getting inspired… Continue reading

Blown Away

This morning I was so blown away while looking through a gift given to me by some dear friends.  It’s a signed copy of the Four Holy Gospels, written of course by God,… Continue reading