I’m reflecting on the last couple of paintings that I did.  The more that I focus on the technical aspects of the paintings (color, line, form, texture) the more disappointed I am in the works.  However, when I pause and reflect on what was happening when I was actually working on the paintings, they weren’t really my choices as I listened to what I felt the work needed.  That being said, I am never fully realizing or understanding what the works are about.  When these works are sent out, they will have new messages or meaning to others who are willing to receive.  This teaches me a little more about my journey as an artist and that I am more or less a servant of the work.  In some ways it’s freeing knowing that it’s not all on my shoulders but it’s also daunting knowing (or not knowing) that there is great responsibility as I choose to be obedient and remember to create in love and humility.