Monthly Archive: October, 2013

Salt and Light

While in Japan on a mission trip I had the privilege of meeting two sisters with beautifully gentle spirits.  Their names Shio and Hikari mean salt and light respectively and they have inspired… Continue reading

Foundation of Light

I just laid down some Japanese silver leaf onto handmade Kumohada (cloud skin) paper.  This silver leaf ranks among the thinnest in the world.  These close-up shots reveal the beautiful texture of the… Continue reading

New Place to Share

I’ve been posting some of my creative process (painting and thinking) steps on my new Facebook page.  It’s just a little easier and more natural to post things this way.

Back Again

I just returned from another missions trip to Japan and there’s a lot to process.  I think about all the people we met, encouraged, prayed for and worshiped with.  I have and continue… Continue reading